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The Art of "Listen, Little Man" by Wilhelm Reich


Contained within Wilhelm Reich's outstanding book, 'Listen, Little Man' are some extra-ordinary line drawings by the talented, William Steig . These pieces of expressive art, capture the essence of what Dr. Reich was speaking about in his excellent book. Some will make you laugh and others will make you cry, the images burning right into the Soul, stirring the hidden mysteries deep within.

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Listen, Little Man! is a great physician's quiet talk to each of us, the average human being, the 'Little Man'.

Written in 1946 in answer to the gossip and defamation that plagued Dr. Reich's remarkable career, tells how he watched, at first naively, then with amazement and finally with horror, what the Little Man does to himself; how he suffers and rebels; how he esteems his enemies and murders his friends; how, wherever he gains power as a 'representative of the people', he misuses this power and makes it crueller than the power it has supplanted.

The good doctor asks us to look honestly at ourselves and assume responsibility for our lives and for the great untapped potential that lies in the depth of human Nature.

- Wilhelm Reich -

March 24, 1897 - November 3, 1957

"May your Soul fly free in the Eternal domain of Beauty"


My God!

You're a "little man," a "common man"

Your slave driver is yourself

Only you yourself can be your liberator

An indiscriminate slave

Little big man

Guides and redeemers

Inane chatter at your social functions

No, you ask yourself what

your neighbor will say about it

You despise yourself in secret,

even - no, especially -

when you stand on your dignity

"Germs in the air"

But when the discovery

comes out in the paper,

you believe it whether

you understand it or not

You're afraid to soar,

afraid of heights and depths

You plead for happiness in life,

but security means more to you

You hear a joke about yourself

and you join in the laughter

It took many millions of years

for you to evolve from a

jellyfish to a terrestrial biped

You have lived in bodily rigidity,

your present aberration,

for only six thousand years

Uniforms, marshals, and medals

You consume your happiness

You want nice, cropped and clipped

geniuses you can parade through

the streets of your cities

without embarrassment

That's why you steal your happiness

like a thief in the night

You screech because you're afraid

Down with him!

Berlin nights

Not content with looking like a tub,

you think and teach like a tub;

you do your best to imprint all life

with your ugliness, your tublike

ungainliness, your hypocrisy, and

with the bitter hatred that you

hide behind your phony smile

The eagle's chicks

You can't endure any free, living

natural movement or expression

Throw out your politicians and diplomats

Coney Island

You're afraid of life



F . . . . . .  IS ALLOWED

"Cancer research"

You put your general on a pedestal;

then you can respect him

"Normal" man

When I think of your children, how you

torment the life out of them, trying to

make them "normal" like yourself ...

Daughter of this, that,

and the other revolution

From time to time you lift your head

out of the muck and shout Hurrah!

Then one day I opened my eyes and

looked you straight in the face

You're a brute behind your mask

of sociability and friendliness

Moralist checking up on

orgone energy

Investigating the orgone accumulator

Who am I to have an opinion of my own?

Am I utterly worthless?



"May the Elegance of Inspiration breathe Your Spirit"