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".... and as I gazed Heavenward, my Soul glittered into a thousand sparkles"




Astrology is a wonderful and enlightening tool of intuition, passion, desire and reflection as it is the study of the Planets and Stars in relation to how their bubbling enthusiasm and sparkling energies can assist within the wonderful personal and unique journey of Self.

The endless and timeless voice of the Celestials shine in eternity since the beginnings and cycles of time and space, manifesting deep in the sands of consciousness, providing the answers and questions to the magnificence that shines and reverberates as a glimmering Star in the light and shade of a wink hanging on the tree of Death and Rebirth.







' and as the stars and orbs shine deep within,

the fanciful sparkle of destiny and fate

carries me into the depths of the wilderness,

silent and known to my eternal Soul '





March 21 - April 20


April 21 - May 21


May 22 - June 21


June 22 - July 22


July 23 - August 21


August 22 - September 23


September 24 - October 23


October 24 - November 22


November 23 - December 22


December 23 - January 20


January 21 - February 19


February 20 - March 20




There are a total of eighty-eight constellations in the heavenly sphere of the mysterious and glorious sea of the sky. This includes the twelve 'known' Houses of the western Zodiac. The lesser known constellations appear in between the twelve Zodiacal signs. Eighty constellations are found printed within the wonderful card collection known as 'Urania's Mirror.'




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