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Gallery of Inspiration


"I gazed deep out of the window of my Eyes to .... Become"



"Hushed Silence floats around me in graspless prints of fury,
bottomless mountain stirs awake with tendrils of Ice,
Capturing the essence of shrill beacons of hungry maya



"What is that which makes You a Splendid Soul, delighting in Flora,
It is the
freedom and uncomplexity of thine own Self, True Gifts,
One needs is the Power of the Sacred Self, cross over Bifröst and See!



"Which is the silence that sparkles the Hearty boughs of Solitude,
clean the Waters of Eternity, shuffles the Shine of Gaia,
look no further than the
Content wellkin of Peace and Gratitude!



"Silence is the thumb of Light, the Glow which chases the Terror yonder,
Powerful breath sparkles Eons in the near Horizon of Tranquility,
Shoulders being carried upon the Weightlessness of the World!



"As the ebb and flow of the magical fragrance of haunts
reaches deep into the Stronghold of my humanity,
my voice
rejoices towards the Heavens for having found!



"Sweet Nature sings violet melodies of Green,
reflecting within the
Breath of mine salvation,
succulent the warmth of berries deep in my Heart



"As I bounce my Soul as free as Shimmering Mountains,
Sleep wakes me hither into Bounties of Delightful Ecstasy,
Wakeful Sirens haunt the bow and prow of my Elegance



"I shout Great Joy through the Timeless leaves of Being,
Soul aching with Sparkling Dreams of Bounty,
as the
Wind sweeps through my Passions



"I fill the boundless depths of Being with embracing sands, stretching into
infinite Time and Love, here the fetters of the sad are no more,
Joy bounds in smiles and saves the cheerful playground of plenty



"Filter into sea and land, breathe friend of ether, open up thy pores of beauty,
for the
sweet Kingdom has always been, and always shall be here,
found by the
Beholder, the One that stands and Knows



"Your eternal gaze binds me to your glow, through the looking glass as honey dew sharing and caring an ear for a silent flute you are the welcome scent in lush pastures can a voice be more delectably pure as thine own sense be true wisdom"



"Marvel how the rich flame burns, ashes singing the known and knead. Falcons rising over skyward keep, planting silky waves of deep crimson, steering the journey of eternal home within the Universe vacuum naught. Plasmic vertebrae rock and breathe nigh on valleys of cause and mead. How the scorching flame a threads."



"As the sweet waters of my Soul come part and the high breezes of the surreal wake, bringing air to Spirit and causing flesh awake, the light and shadow of my art, come together, washing tides of joy upon the cliffs on high, singing the melody of the ancient world from beneath the steeds"



"O succulent symbol of thine eyes piercing Nature's web, infinite patterns of colour and shade breathing amplitude with taogether, hallowed sigils of tranquil peace, stepping stones on divinity trail carry giants unto shores of fire and water"




© Pyreaus