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Movements of Insight


"Crackling Thunder shakes the Eternal hunger of Insightful Majesty"




The Nature of Consciousness
Alan Watts


Zen Bones and Tales
Alan Watts


David Icke
Dot Connector 2013



The Human Deception
Jordan Maxwell


The Robot's Rebellion
David Icke


A Funny Thing Happened
on Way to the Moon



Dr. Martin Luther King
I have a Dream speech


Balance within the Self
Karen Sawyer & Bianca Finkler


TED Talks - Apollo Robbins
The Art of Misdirection



Nature Calling


Nikola Tesla
The Genius Who Lit the World


Nature's Song



Face to Face with
Carl Jung


Wilhelm Reich
Orgone Energy


Alan Watts
Conversation with Myself



Wake Up Call
New World Order


American Drug War
The Last White Hope


Esoteric Agenda
Knowledge of the Ages



Bill Hicks
It's Just a Ride


Bruce Lee interview on
The Pierre Burton Show


Brian Gerrish
The Secret Political Agenda



Princess Diana
The Hidden Evidence


Tommie Grabiec interview
Smolensk Air Disaster


Kevin P. Miller interview
ARC Convention 2011



Vangelis - The Bounty
23rd December 1787


Vernon Howard
Reward of Higher Truth


The Universe
Size of Planets and Stars



Living Without Images
Jiddu Krishnamurti


The Aurora Borealis
by Terje Sorgjerd


Michael Tsarion & Patrick Lynch
Free Truth Show



David Icke
Human Race Get Off Your Knees


ARC Conference Discussion
February 2010


Jordan Maxwell & David Icke
Interview on Project Avalon



The Heartfelt story of
Christian the Lion


Darryl Anka presents Bashar
Key to Higher Mind


Stephen Fry speaks at
The Intelligence Debate



The Orion Conspiracy
by Seb Janiak


Amazing Speech by War Veteran
Mike Prysner


The Best of George Carlin
in Memory



Jiddu Krishnamurti interviewed
by Bernard Levin


Crop Circles created by
Alien Intelligence


Holes in Heaven
H.A.A.R.P. and Tesla



Rik Clay interviews on
Red Ice Creations


Jordan Maxwell interview
on Project Camelot


John F. Kennedy speech on
Secret Societies


"Ride the waves dear Friends, for Freedom has Awakened"