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in association with Ravensbourne




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Directed by Shazar Mall

Written by Oliver Lloyd Renshaw & Shazar Mall


Producers - Oliver Lloyd Renshaw & Junior Courtney
Director of Photography
- Toby Leary & Louis Blakeney
Production Manager - Mhairi Wyles-Lang
Sound Design
- Christian Ramirez
Sound Mixer
- Nick Andrasz
Assistant Camera
- Veemsen Lama & Jack Peagam
Gaffer - Chris Broomfield
- Tom Cullingham
Drone Operator
- Eyyaz Chishty


'Locked Thoughts' explores the relationships between people and how each of us is affected by those individuals in our lives, and what it means when those we Love no longer walk with us side by side. Throughout Life we constantly experience all kinds of emotions, are subjected to choices and endure untold sacrifices.


Tommie Grabiec as Derek




Danny Croizat as Adam



Nathan Thomas as Tom



Lucy Tippett as Georgia



Rachel Keys as Lhia



Courtney Wardell as Young Lhia



Rhys Crane as Matt