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in association with Bournemouth University




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Directed by Jessica Jeffries


'See You Tomorrow' is a short-film action drama set in a world five years after the apocalypse, where society have taken some control over the situation and quartered off an area called 'The City'. This is where the remains of society inhabits. As Grace enters the dark world outside of 'The City' she realises she's been here many times before. With the help of her companion Zack, they must make their way past the numerous infected to reach a suspected source of 'Anti-out'. Their mission is to obtain an antidote which will save them from changing into the monsters they fear. However as their travels ware on, Grace soon realizes that Zack might not be telling her the whole story.


Tommie Grabiec as Alpha Zombie




Shaun Cowlishaw as Zack




Charlotte Dunnico as Grace