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Directed by Sam Walker


'Banishment' is a short-film drama set in times of great war and strife, set in the land of Midgard. Two characters from differing backgrounds meet, Talvorn the battle-hardened soldier and Hiargo, the shamed King's advisor. Their meeting sparks a friendship, taking them on a journey, testing their courage and heart to the limits and driving them onward to reshape the entire region!




Tommie Grabiec as Talvorn

Tommie graduated from Actor Works drama school in 2011 and since then has taken on numerous roles both on stage and screen.

Notable theatre credits include 'Brabantio' in 'Othello' (Moors Bar), 'Prospero' in 'The Tempest' (UAL), 'Montague' in 'Romeo and Juliet' (Earl Haig Hall), 'Baptista' in 'The Taming of the Shrew' (The Welsh Centre), 'Dr. Ivan' in 'Strangers Welcome' (The White Bear Theatre), 'Macedonio' in 'Lost Angel' (Bread and Roses) and 'Wayne' (The Camden People’s Theatre).

Screen credits include 'Ratko' in 'The Seasoning House', 'Charles Halton' in 'Docklands', 'Ignatious' in 'Cocoa Nighttime', 'Tom' in 'The Violinist', 'Blane' in 'London Hood' and 'Alex Cross' in 'Payment'.

Tommie always remains highly passionate and motivated in his craft. For more information on shows, productions and work please visit tommiegrabiec.com



Luke Argles as Hiargo

Luke has been acting since he was ten years old and has performed in more than fifty shows.

Studying under acclaimed directors, Thomas Daley and Richard Twyman at the International Acting Academy, Luke is always eager to sharpen his skills, not only as an actor but as a director.

Luke is always alive to the bigger picture, being no stranger to the challenges of film production, having worked as a casting director, assistant director, producer and director on a number of short and feature films - as well as starring in several.

He is always happy to return to the stage, for that direct connection with an audience. With his keen eye for detail and gift for characterisation, Luke brings a flourishing creative flair to all his work.