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Directed by Sam Walker


'Crossing the Line' is a short-film drama, following the adventures of Alfie and Zander, two characters embroiled in the shadowy underworld of London's East End. The atmosphere gets heated between young and old when a drug deal does not go down as expected.



Tommie Grabiec as Alfie

Tommie graduated from Actor Works drama school in 2011 and since then has taken on numerous roles both on stage and screen.

Notable theatre credits include 'Brabantio' in 'Othello' (Moors Bar), 'Prospero' in 'The Tempest' (UAL), 'Montague' in 'Romeo and Juliet' (Earl Haig Hall), 'Baptista' in 'The Taming of the Shrew' (The Welsh Centre), 'Dr. Ivan' in 'Strangers Welcome' (The White Bear Theatre), 'Macedonio' in 'Lost Angel' (Bread and Roses) and 'Wayne' (The Camden People’s Theatre).

Screen credits include 'Ratko' in 'The Seasoning House', 'Charles Halton' in 'Docklands', 'Ignatious' in 'Cocoa Nighttime', 'Tom' in 'The Violinist', 'Blane' in 'London Hood' and 'Alex Cross' in 'Payment'.

Tommie always remains highly passionate and motivated in his craft. For more information on shows, productions and work please visit tommiegrabiec.com



Jamie Fowler as Zander

Jamie is twenty-seven, born in 1987 in The Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading and now lives in Worthing, West Sussex.

When growing up, Jamie was no stranger to the Film industry as he would often go to work with his father and brother working on film set design and creature effects, so naturally his interest turned towards film and acting as a career.

His first role was as an extra in Harry Potter, it was an amazing experience, and from then on he knew this is what he wanted to do. Jamie started taking acting lessons and immediately started getting audition’s for films, then soon after he was getting acting roles.

His most recent work 2014 onwards includes; ‘RollyourOwn Productions’ where he filmed two pilot’s with them called ‘The Seeker’ where he played the role of ‘Twitch’ a nasty Town’s guard who enjoys fighting and getting what he wants from whoever is unlucky enough to be set upon by him and his fellow guardsmen.

Journey Man’ set in Ireland he played the role of ‘Jerry’ a young Irishmen who thinks the IRA are the way forward and gun’s/bomb’s are the answer to everything.

Both were amazing projects, which are attracting great interest.

In his spare time Jamie enjoys hanging out with his friends, Airsofting, gaming using the Xbox, and adrenaline sports.