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ASLANT films





Written & Directed by Richard Dykes


M.U.A. - Lucia Mameli
Soundtrack - Vera Bremerton


'Only Women Bleed' is a feature film based on the accounts of six women admitted into an Asylum during the late Nineteenth Century. All suffering from Hysteria.

Andre Breton would describe these women as the, 'greatest poetic discovery of the late nineteenth century.' Women during this period were regarded as being too sensual, thereby open to manias of all kinds, and therefore requiring a great deal of censure to prevent them from becoming Hysterical, which untreated, would surely lead to becoming insane. In fact women were seen as the carriers of madness.



The Hysterics

Maria Alexe - Marie
Vasiliki Stasinaki - Louise
Martha Passakopoulou - Genevieve
Paula Duarte - Jeanne
Ana´s Lalange - Charlotte
Evangelia Kolyra - Nanette
Gracie Egan - Young Charlotte


The Doctors

Dominic O'Flynn - Dr. Charcot
Tommie Grabiec - Dr. Bournville
Peter Stanford - Dr. Delarose

Al Groves - photographer Philipe Rennard


Visiting Doctors

Wesley Lloyd
Imre Elekes
Peter Blackwell
Mark Williamson
Andrew G. Ogleby
Michael Feldwick


Mad Women

Sylvia dos Santos Ferreira
Vanessa Abreu
Bessa Terholli
Neeru Harrison
Sawsan Abu Saleek
Natasha Jervis
Louise Johnson
Iana Tilaite