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Wonka Bar

(Farkas Farms)



Wonka Bar. Reminds me of childhood dreams, a place deep in the recesses of fantasy and excitement. A nod to that marvellous Legend Gene Wilder, bringing raindrop colors and yummy cupcakes in his glorious factory.


This particular factory is Farkas Farms (Bullseye Gardens). The packaging is clever and to the point. Bold I should say. The Bullseye says it all "Gotcha". The design is reminiscent of an English comic book "The Beano". Simple use of color, very effective.

"We have it right on the mark" to sum it up. That's the message I'm getting before even opening this valuable gift, dare I say communion?

I love the fact that the profile is clear on the front with INDICA - WONKA BAR - 70% Indica 30% Sativa.


Turning the package over, the Product Facts are catchy and informative. The layout of all the information reads easily. This particular baby has a high THC value averaging 29.9%. With numbers this high, one dose will probably be more than sufficient to send you on a powerful inner journey. May I be so bold as to add, inner journeys should be explored.

No listed cannabinoids, however we have an array, an assortment of terpenes: Myrcene, Humulene, Caryphyllene, Limonene. A treat for the inner senses.

An interesting point which furthers my curiosity - packaged on the ninth of December. This batch is fresh !


"I can't wait any longer" I say to myself.

Expertly, my hand reaches for my favorite yellow handled scissors and I snip the packet just above the sealant line. I take a big whiff.

Earthy, musky, sweet. Will this gorgeous flower reveal its secrets to me?

I empty the contents out, admiring the buds. Light green buds with wisps of orange flaming hairs. On closer inspection with my x40 illuminated loupe, I am given a visual treat. Twinkling trichomes adorn the display, there's a world right in front of my eyes. This is where I gasp out loud to the magnificence of nature. There are a good selection of sizes, well proportioned. Yes, this is weed I'm talking about.


May I take a moment to comment on the spiritual nature of my task here. Seeing this miracle flower in such beauty lifts the soul. I urge anyone to acquire a magnification device if you do not have one. Listen to me, I sound like a time-traveller who has just made a overwhelming discovery.

This is all part of the ritual, the sight, smell and now the grind which leads to the taste.

With my Vivosun grinder, I commence the procedure; ripping the medium sized buds into smaller entities, to fit in amongst the sharp razor teeth of the machine. The trichomes glitter at me as they reflect the light. Magical!

A few deft twists, and the flower is ground. The scent comes through as it empties onto my table. The strong "clack, clack, clack" as I bang the top and base together, emptying out more green flakes. A brush takes care of the rest. Nothing is wasted.


The dosing capsules are loaded up, the ground flower is fresh and moist, a little sticky to the touch.

My prefered vape of choice is the Mighty by Storz and Bickel. For this session I will start at 180°C and ramp up to 200°C.

A delicious sweet, spicy flavor tickles my senses. My mind and body relax ever so slightly.

As the temperature increases, the pull heats my throat as the healing vapor rushes like a torrent into my lungs. A wonderful taste of candy chocolate dreams envelops me, my mind lets go. My body follows. I remember the film L.A. Story with Steve Martin.

A happy, floating feeling ensues. There is peace, the thoughts have subsided and slowed. I feel a deep, serene contentment. This would be a perfect strain for easing the mind, stopping those racing thoughts which at times do overwhelm us all.

I notice that it doesn't put me into a haze where I would be content in the buzz. I could right now get on with an activity, preferably creative. Reading would be of tremendous value here. This strain yearns for insights, prompts you to journey deeper. Calms and relaxes the body and soul.

Definitely a stress buster.


It's been fifteen minutes and did I mention I am smiling. The world is your oyster my friend, dive into relaxation.

Half an hour later, my mind and body are enjoying the respite from life's daily noise, I feel motivated to be productive, my mind relaxed. Or I may lay here, pursuing a favorite past-time. Daydreaming.

The effect lasts near to an hour before I take my second dose. The taste of chocolate passes through my senses, can life be this good. Aye it can and is, I am pleased with my positive mindset.

I start getting the giggles from random thoughts. I can't stop myself. Am reminded of Commander Data in Star Trek: Generations. My mind suddenly says "hold on a minute dear chap" I give my mind the utmost attention, another smile develops. This would be a good strain for socialising. It will give you a sense of purpose and encouragement to share those witty anecdotes to anyone who will listen. We need stories! We thrive on them.

To sum up, this WONKA BAR strain from Farkas Farms is great for socialising, you may even become the life of the story-telling party. Any wierd thoughts are swept away. Your senses are heightened (just noticed that one) and you may get the giggles. Crushes negativity with the power of Mjöllnir. Thor would be pleased. Encourages smiling and positivity. Give it a go and score the Bullseye!